Osprey provides the only solution currently available in the market for the accurate and reliable detection of small airborne objects, including UAV’s, breaching a perimeter.

Osprey detects airborne objects, large and small, that may contain contraband such as drugs, weapons, IED’s, and other items that threaten the operation of critical facilities and the wellbeing of staff and other individuals. No other commercially available system can reliably and repeatedly detect contraband in airborne objects as small as 41cmᵌ (2.5ᵌ inches) in flight, as they enter a restricted area.

When objects are thrown or fly through zones protected by Osprey, the sensor directs PTZ cameras directly to the object’s location giving operators a clear view of the object before staff are sent to retrieve. Osprey Radar sensor keeps watch no matter the weather. Osprey’s sensors provide reliable detection in poor weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, and low lighting.

Osprey sensors communicate via Ethernet, are low power and lightweight, providing ease of deployment in complex or remote perimeters. Osprey can operate as a single standalone sensor or in multiples providing an effective barrier along perimeters of any length.



Ospreys Nexus command and Control GUI provides an intuitive, map based user interface that enables set up, administration and operational functionality monitoring all sensors and displaying the status of individual sensor nodes and monitored zones.